Introducing the POCA Model for Incremental ChangeĀ 

Uncategorized Jan 15, 2024


Small steps are foundational to creating lasting change, and that’s the main idea behind my POCA Model. And each of those small steps layers on one another little by little to create new habits. POCA is an acronym for Pause, Observe, Choose, and Act, and it also has another meaning—in Spanish, poca means “small thing.”

So, let’s look at how the POCA Model for Incremental Change can help leaders in your organization overcome generational conditioning to practice conscious leadership.


Pause—Take a Moment to Step Back  

Most leaders in organizations spend too much time putting out fires and don’t have the time to slow down. An object in motion remains in motion—which means our brains tell us we have to keep going at a breakneck pace or risk falling (even further) behind.

However, change starts by making time to step out of reactionary mode. We don’t feel we have time to slow down, but...

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Bridging Leadership Gaps by Addressing Generational Conditioning

Uncategorized Jan 08, 2024

Leadership quality can make or break a company’s success. After all, the way leaders in your company seek to motivate their teams directly impacts employee satisfaction and engagement, which in turn directly impacts your organization’s ability to deliver on your brand promise.

Unfortunately, with more than 75% of all employees either actively disengaged or quiet quitting, one thing is clear: most companies can and should do a better job when it comes to developing leaders—especially conscious leaders who can motivate their teams.

It’s certainly not out of a lack of desire from HR or emerging leaders. It’s also not just about hosting workshops or regular evaluations to help people improve. Candidly, those are valuable tools in the leadership skill-building toolbox, but one of the most critical aspects of developing strong leaders is overlooked far too often.

Fostering leadership skills in your organization requires helping individuals learn how to dig...

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Carolina Caro LLC is now Conscious Leadership Partners LLC

Uncategorized Jan 01, 2024

I’m excited to announce that I’m hanging up my solo practice as Carolina Caro LLC to launch Conscious Leadership Partners LLC. The decision to grow a collective of coaches and trainers was born of the desire to better serve our current and future clients.

2023 was a year of exponential growth where I found myself turning down opportunities or referring work out to colleagues because I was at capacity. It was a case of “be careful what you wish for because you just might get it!”.  As a result, it was an opportunity to build out a team and cement the types of processes that would support more training, coaching and speaking engagements. This really excites me because I feel that we are at an important crossroads in the area of leadership development where people are craving the benefits of becoming more conscious.

I’m grateful to my business manager Karen Rezai, who took the lead last year to strengthen our operations and to onboard many new team...

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